Sunday, October 30, 2016

Coming Out Of The Wilderness

Last post was in 2011!
It has been a long 5 plus years!  My years of wilderness training.  Much like the children of Israel when they faced the promise land the first time, I too saw too many giants to my ministry and ran away. 
I have learned some hard lessons in the wilderness.  Lessons about faith, being vulnerable....grunt and shiver, lessons about grace, and trust.

A lot has changed.  My daughter Zoie is now a senior in high school and planning for college.  Mike is a VA Chaplain and a chaplain in the Army reserves.  We are living in Ohio....very different from SC...but we love it!!!!

But most of all I've changed. 

In this new adventure with this old blog....I'd like to share with you not only lessons from the wilderness but also the real me.  Not the blogger me.  Not the minister's wife me.  Not the scared to let you see my mess me.  It is through those weak and messy times I have come to understand that JESUS loves to shine in and through us.  So truthfully, in hearing my stories, and seeing my messes, you will see HIS perfection, HIS grace. I want you to know that if HE can love this messed up girl who desperately wants to walk in pretty shoes, then HE loves you too!

The giants are still in the promised land.  I am trusting GOD to help me select the stones and like my hero David, trust HIM to deliver the blows. 

Pray for me as I write here.  Pray as I share my story....HIS story. 

I will commit to come here, I'll bring my coffee, my Bible, my sense of humor, my faith, and my fears....but most of all I'll bring my my true love...JESUS


Donna Ballew said...

You go, girl! Looking forward to reading more! Hug, kiss, hug kiss!

Mr.I said...

I am so excited you are writing again. I look forward to journeying with you & discussing these out in the sunroom. I'M eagerly awaiting your discovery of 4th stone.