Friday, April 10, 2009

Old Friends Good Times

Hey Y'all,

I'm sorry it has been so long since I've posted. Life this time of year is crazy for me. There is lots of testing done at school. I've added students both at school and at home tutoring. I'm working hard at finishing up my curriculum. And of course this time of year there are many programs and celebrations concerning the cross and resurrection of our Lord Jesus! I hope to get back to you friends on a more consistent bases soon. Keep watching your blogs and checking this one. My "Anything Pad" I keep with me all the time, has lots of post ideas written down. So keep watching you should see some new stories soon.

Today has been a day of reflecting on friendships.

My friend Bonnie (the one with the rare cancer) has been taken off the Harvard study. It wasn't working, in fact, the cancer has grown and spread. Please pray. This is hard to deal with. For those who don't know the story, please take a moment and read here

They have been told there isn't much they can do. It may be time for God to call this great man home....but I'm still praying that this is just further proof that God can heal the impossible. I'm praying that just like Lazarus, where all hope was lost, God will heal his friend. I know Bonnie is a friend of God! One look at his life tells me that. So pray with me until God reveals His plan. If it is time to take His friend be it. If it is time to show the mighty healing power of be it. God knows what is best for His friend. He knows what's best for me too!

Today, I also got to have coffee with a friend and mentor from my childhood. She was a Sunday School teacher in my church. Her heart for God always challenged me to love and serve Him more. Zoie went with me to meet her and we had a great time. Zoie even sang for her! It was great catching up and hearing her say she would be praying for us, as we are seeking to enter the military. For those who may have missed this, Mike is going through the process of becoming an Army Chaplain. Seeing and talking to Mrs. Faye was a blessing beyond measure today. Memories were shared along with updates and dreams. It is amazing to me that there are people in your life for whom time does not truly seem to exist. Not that time isn't there and we don't age...but it doesn't make a difference in our love, care or comfortability with each other. Even though it has been over 20 years since I saw Mrs. Faye, it felt like I had just been with her yesterday. God is like that!

My last friendship reflection comes from the perils preteen girls suffer in all their girl drama!
Zoie has been giving me daily reports of her own girl drama episodes the last couple of weeks. As her mom, I would love to brag and tell you she was the angel in all this drama....but alas, that would be a terrible lie!
She has been more like the spoiled diva! I have seen every signature trait of the mean girl in the movies in my daughter these last couple of weeks. Every day she has relayed the stories, knowing that I was going to tell her what she needed to change about herself, in order to be a good friend. I also listened to her own perceptions of why she felt she needed to act that way. She was not alone in her mean girl attitude. So along with the sympathy, came the rebuke about her own actions.

No matter what biblical direction I pointed to on friendship, I would hear..."I can't! You don't understand! I can't be friends with her! I don't want to be friends with anyone who is friend with her! I HAVE TO GET HER BACK FOR STEALING AWAY MY FRIENDS!"

I prayed! I pointed to scripture! I listened and hugged and agreed that it was not right what the other little girl had done. Nothing worked...well except the prayer...God stepped in...I so love it when He does that...especially because then I can't take any credit!

God gave us both the verse Romans 12:18 "If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with all men." NKJV

Live at peace with all men! So Zoie called her friends and apologized for her actions. She told them about the verse and now they are, all but one, trying to live by that verse together! I watched with amazement. She has even been able to testify to some adults how that verse has helped her with the girl drama!

Friendship! A wonderful thing! I have truly missed being with you my friends! Thanks for allowing me to share with you and be apart of your lives.

There is no greater blessing here on earth than friends!
your friend Pamela


On Purpose said...

May you and your familiy enjoy this amazing weekend together! Love to you!

Kristen Myers said...

Your words are like a sweet balm to my soul. I feel so blessed to call you my "friend."

God's blessings to you, Mike, and Zoie as you celebrate Christ's resurrection and all He is doing in your life.

I miss you!

Nicole said...

Happy Easter, my friend!


Nicole said...

I agree with Kristen...your words are a sweet balm to my soul also.

I will never forget when you prayed, (I think Psalms 91) over me when you visited my blog for the first time. Thank you for your faithfulness, kindness and obedience!

The Parson's Wife said...

Bless this Easter in HIS Holy Passion to the Cross... I am happy to have you as my "new" friend!