Thursday, November 20, 2008

Truth Or Consequences

Do you remember the old game show that Bob Barker did before "The Price is Right?"

It was funny! People would either tell the truth about something the shows producers had found out about them or take the consequences. The consequences were that of slap-stick comedy. I loved it as a child.

The truth is that their are always consequences to our own truths.

We all have secrets. Luke 12:2-3 says one day it will all be out in the light. We all are judged by our actions everyday, by others and by God.

In my last post I gave a scenario where the Queen of Sheba testified against me in court. It was a piece of fiction...but the truth is she will. According to Luke 11:29-32 She will be one of the judges against our generation come judgment day. Why? Because she turned and believed and gave honor to God after seeing all God had done for King Solomon and Israel. How many times has God done something for me and I keep turning away to do my own thing? Too many!

Today as I read Luke 12:35-40, it reminded me that every moment I need to be ready for Jesus to return.

Am I prayed up?
Have I confessed every sin?
Have I forgiven every offense? Ouch!
Have I let go of my past?
Have I told everyone I could about the true Son of God?
Does the guy at Dunkin Donuts where I go for quiet and a cup of coffee every Monday morning, know I love Jesus?

Guess what I had to say "No" to all of them.

The truth is we will never be completely ready. There will be no time when we will be able to say yes to all those questions.

But the consequences can be eternal if we don't try.

What about you? Lets try together.

Lets turn our consequences from punishment to joy.

Instead of the Queen of Sheba being one our judges lets join her in the jury room.

I love you


Runner Mom said...

Great post! I read your previous one as well! I can't answer yes to all of those questions either, sweet friend. But, with gentle reminders like yours, I can refocus my eyes on Him!! Enjoy this beautiful day!
Love ya,

Barb said...

Ouch, Pamela!!! Actually, I and a few ladies are doing a study on just such nitty-gritty details of Christian life!

Enjoyed your post - thanks for a reminder from another direction.


On Purpose said...

I'm glad that He still loves me even if I can't get all the answers to the questions right!!

Thank you for the reminder of His mercy and grace!

Love to you and prayers up to Him!

Beverly said...

Thanks for helping me re-focus on him!

Chatty Kelly said...

The consequences to our truths. Deep thinking today, Pamela.

Let's try, indeed.

Edie said...

Thank you for all that you are doing to help us keep proper focus and perspective. Love ya~

Nicole said...

I am so thankful for God's grace. Although, I know I must obey!

Love ya,

Truth4thejourney said...

What a thought provoking post. I need more time! I certainly need to be more prepared. I guess it's like being the virgin who has enough oil to keep her candle lit until her bridegroom returns.

God bless,

On Purpose said...

Hello Pam...I am praying for courage for you to ask the "big one" knowing the He is big enough for it. I love you my friend, and I am so blessed to be traveling this journey with you!

Elizabethd said...

A very thought provoking post Pamela. There are things there that I need to meditate on.